Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú
Fundación Alfredo Harp Helú Oaxaca, A.C.

Hidalgo 907
Antiguo Callejón de San Pablo
Centro Histórico
C.P. 68000,
Oaxaca, Oax.

01 (951) 501 8800

Nuestros Proyectos

Apoyo en el Deporte

Brindar apoyo a deportistas de alto rendimiento para promover el espíritu competitivo y modelos de salud y disciplina para niños y jóvenes mexicanos.

Socializaci�n de la Cultura Fisica

Program that combines the application of motor, cognitive, social and affective tasks; creating a comprehensive vision for the development of individuals, adapted in a functional sense, with the central objective that is the MOBILIZATION OF KNOWLEDGE.
Conceptualized this as the set of didactic and pedagogical actions, which aim to include the different social sectors, in order to create an improvement in the quality of life. All this through the promotion and dissemination of physical and mental activity, framed in the different lines of action designed for this purpose, such as: The Re-Creo, The FAHHO Troop, The Re-created Club, The Re-created of champions, Warriors in the Re-think, Women in the Re-think; as well as training workshops. Actions that develop a gradual work that allows organizing, addressing technical-didactic, physical-recreational, cognitive-social and affective elements based on the SOCIALIZATION OF PHYSICAL CULTURE, by encouraging play as a permanent activity in society;
This is how it is distinguished that physical activity with pedagogical guidelines, integrating and respecting the diversity and development of physical and motor skills, becomes an educational instrument of inclusion in society, consolidating healthy habits, safeguarding the integrity of people.